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Top Aerosmith Tribute Guitarist Joins Splash To Teach

The Ultimate Guide to Guitar Tuition:

Meet New Splash Tutor Andy McKinnon

We are very pleased to announce that we have managed to secure a deal to have Andy at Splash to teach youngsters and Adults of all levels to come learn a new skill from this highly respected Guitar Coach.

Are you passionate about music? Do you dream of strumming your favourite songs on a guitar and captivating your audience with your skills? If so, you've come to the right place! In this ultimate guide to guitar tuition, we will explore everything you need to know to master the art of playing the guitar an we implement this in our lessons at Splash

Why Guitar Tuition?

Guitar tuition is the key to unlocking your full potential as a guitarist. While some may argue that self-teaching is sufficient, nothing compares to the guidance and expertise of our super qualified guitar tutor. A guitar tutor can provide personalised instruction tailored to your skill level, helping you progress faster and avoid common pitfalls.

Choosing the Right Guitar Tutor

Selecting the right guitar tutor is crucial to your success as a student. When searching for a tutor, consider their experience, qualifications, and teaching style. Look for reviews or testimonials from past students to ensure their teaching methods align with your learning preferences.

The Benefits of Guitar Tuition

  1. Personalised Instruction: A guitar tutor can identify your strengths and weaknesses, providing targeted guidance to help you improve.

  2. Structured Learning: With a tutor, you can follow a structured curriculum, ensuring that you cover all the essential techniques and theory in a logical progression.

  3. Motivation and Accountability: A tutor will keep you motivated and accountable, pushing you to practice regularly and achieve your goals.

  4. Feedback and Correction: A guitar tutor can provide immediate feedback and correct any mistakes you may be making, preventing bad habits from forming.

What to Expect in Guitar Tuition

During your guitar tuition, you can expect to learn a variety of skills, including:

  1. Basic Techniques: Your tutor will teach you how to hold and strum the guitar correctly, as well as how to fret.

  2. Learning all the Chords

  3. Learning both Electric and Acoustic.

  4. Learning How to play Solos

  5. Every 4/5 weeks Learn new Songs whilst Learning


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