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Music Tuition

At Splash Productions we know how to bring the best out in individuals. Our highly trained professional tutors offer singing lessons, guitar lessons, drum lessons, keyboard lessons and bass lessons on a one to one basis. We can confidently say that with our range of talent and professional musicians that we are the best choice for music lessons in Renfrewshire. In addition to learning your chosen instrument we have a variety of events, shows and music videos that all our members take part in to showcase their talents and progress.

Don't settle for second best, call us today and book your slot at Splash Productions for all your music tuition needs.

Singing Lessons

Vocal Coach:  Marc Andrew

Wednesday Nights

Singing Lessons at Splash Productions with Marc Andrew; Marc is renowned for his talent, ability and vocal gymnastics as front-man of Europe's top showgroup Splash, and for the last decade he has been sharing his wealth of knowledge in his singing classes. The Splash Productions singing pupils have become well known throughout Renfrewshire and beyond, developing a reputation for excellence through their one to one tuition at Splash Productions. Marc's structured classes develop vocal talent, confidence and each pupil is given the opportunity to broaden their horizons by taking part in many of the events that Splash Productions are involved in as well as appearing at the Splash Live Lounge nights and on the Splash YouTube channel. It's easy to see why Splash Productions is the number one choice for singing lessons in Renfrewshire! If you want to sing, whether professionally or just for fun,  then learn from the best!

Vocal Lesson (1/2 hour) £15 (Block Booking of 10 - £140)
Vocal Lesson (1 hour) £25 (Block Booking of 10 - £240)
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Music Tuition
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Drum Lessons

Drum Coach:  James Hamilton

Monday and Tuesday Nights

With a decade of teaching experience and having played all over the world, respected drummer James Hamilton is the number one choice for drum lessons in Renfrewshire. His unique style, easy going attitude and wealth of experience ensures that all Splash drum pupils, from beginner to expert, can hone their craft and creativity. James can teach to play by ear or by reading or both and can help you or your child with graded work/SQA work.  James can also help with any repairs, tuning or head changing troubles you might have with your set.

Drum Lesson (1/2 hour) £15 (Block Booking of 10 - £140)
Drum Lesson (1 hour) £25 (Block Booking of 10 - £240)
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Guitar Lessons

Guitar Coach: Andrew

Thursday Nights

Andy is a highly renowned musician and instrument technician, having played all over the Europe and worked with bands who are covering all styles of playing including Dream On Europes Top Aerosmith Tribute, which is the most powerful tool when teaching.

Guitar Lessons at Splash Productions cover Electric, Acoustic and Bass guitar.

So whether you are a beginner or slightly more advanced Splash is the place for you, where you will be playing guitar in no time. From Strumming Chords to Rocking out Solos Andy is the perfect choice

GuitarLesson (1/2 hour) £15 (Block Booking of 10 - £140)
Guitar Lesson (1 hour) £25 (Block Booking of 10 - £240)
Keyboard Lessons At Splash With Top Coach Marc Andrew
Keyboard Lessons

Keyboard Tutor:  Marc Andrew

Wednesday Nights

As well as being a world class vocal coach Marc also offers keyboard lessons, ranging from piano training to composition and scoring. The keyboard is a multi functional instrument and the piano is still the most widely used tool for musical composition. As creative director of Splash Productions, Marc has years of experience in the fields of composition and musical arrangement and brings this to the forefront of his lessons, encouraging creativity in his pupils and above all, having fun while learning.

Keyboard Lesson (1/2 hour) £15 (Block Booking of 10 - £140)
Keyboard Lesson (1 hour) £25 (Block Booking of 10 - £240)
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