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Splash productions have had to close their complex for the first time in 14 years and has had to say bye to over 80 pupils and have been working hard to build the online side of the business to allow our Pupils to continue their lessons in Piano Keyboards, Drums, Singing, Guitars. We understand that this is a time where we need to tighten the purse strings but still try and keep a sense of normality through all this madness.

So we have now got all lessons priced at £10 per half hr and spoken to all tutors who have agreed that this will help both the pupils, parents and adults who wanna learn an instrument at this time.

With a 3 week lock down why not put your time to good use and spend 30mins a week with us to learn an instrument of your choice and start the beginning of the new improved you. :)

Simply visit and click the Online Lessons button then select which instrument or voice tuition you would like to try, select a slot thats suits you and then wait for your instructor to start your online live lesson.

We suggest Skype as the best form of video call but we can also do FaceBook or WhatsApp. You should download these apps to allow us to contact you for your lesson.

You should also have a pen and paper to write things down but if you download skype we can record the session and send you the lesson after we have finished.

Download Skype For the best results of your online video tuition but also can use Facebook and WhatsApp

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