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Making People Smile Never Feels Like A Job. You Should Check This Out.....

The Award Wining Splash Productions Kids and Adults Pop Star Parties are getting Bigger and Better

One of our Pop Star Princess's said to me the other day working in Splash doesn't feel like a real job and she is right. The old saying that "Do What You Love And You'll Never Work A Day In Your Life" and its so true. Every day I walk through the front door of Splash Productions in Johnstone as I do my early morning routine of switching on the lights, the signs, the studio equipment to the computers and then settle in for a coffee made by the best team in the world, I sit and go through the diary for the day and get ready for what will enter through the door. This is another great thing about what we do as we have loads of services from #musictuition #kidspopstarparties #recording #soundandlight #musicproduction and with all this comes a whole host of different people from all walks of life. Yeh I love my job and entertaining my customers is what we at Splash do best. :)

Come Along To Splash Productions and Feel The Atmosphere As You Enter Our Magical Complex For Your Chosen Product.

Take a look at our amazing services and see if we can out a smile on your face

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