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Splash Productions singing lessons video youtube performance live

Splash Pupils On TV

As part of the many activities we put on and get involved in for our pupils the live Lounge Nights and the you tube videos are a great way for helping to build in confidence whilst letting you build up a catalogue of professional videos that are produced here at Splash Productions. Our pupils get a real buzz out of making the videos and is yet another reason why splash are the best around for music tuition.......


We have selected a few videos below but please visit our splash Live lounge Channel to see all our videos of the many talented artistes that come through Splash Productions Music Complex

15 Year Old Nicloe Ticcioni

11 Year Old Hollie Robinson

13 Year Old Bobbi McIntyre

11 Year Old Hollie Robinson

8 Year Old Abbie Scott

18 Year Old Jemma Stevenson

16 Year Old Louise Morris

13 Year Old Taylor at Live Lounge

Splash Singing Coach Single For Anti Bullying Week

6 Year Old Miley Bowie

16 Year Old Taylor Fleming

12 Year Old Holli Burgess

16 Year Old Sarah Millar

13 Year Old Kasey Rhodes

14 Year Old Justine at Live Lounge

13 Year Old Kayleigh at Live Lounge

16 Year Olds Colleen & Kayleigh

10 Year Old Aimee Morgan

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