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Record Your Pupils For Your Show

Dance Mixes

At Splash Productions we have been involved in Dance and Theatre School Shows for years and know how important it is to make all the kids sound great on the night but this can be a problem with mics in the night not picking them all up and then parents cant hear them. Thats where we come in. We can record all your songs so that the group voices are all well heard and even better... we can do this from your place of rehearsal to make it even easier. We come with Studio quality chorus mics and a mobile recording set up and record at yours. We then bring the vocal recordings back to the studio and mix them to your music to create the ultimate live sound for your shows. 

Also we can record taps to help the visual aspect for your live shows when group tap dancing again to avoid no mics on the night or just the face you cant hear them.

dance show recordings

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