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Dance and Cheer Mixes

Pom and Cheer Mixes Created at Splash

At Splash Productions our creative producers and Top Dance DJs are now creating Cheer and Pom Mixes for some of the biggest Teams in Europe. For this we have now become so busy making the tracks we have now restructured our prices to allow local teams the chance to have their own tracks made to order specifically to their requirements. 

Now you will turn up to your comp with the best music and more so a unique track you know no one else will have.

so get creative and whatever you have on in your head come to the studio or have a zoom meeting and get your ideas from your head to our creative team to create your mix.

Dance Mixes


Anchor 12
Pick our Gold Pacakage for your Cheer and Pom mixes
Pick our Bronze Pacakage for your Cheer and Pom mixes
Pick our Silver Pacakage for your Cheer and Pom mixes

The Gold package is mainly used for national competition routines at the highest levels.  Ever wondered how some of these teams have such amazing mixes well the answer is they choose this package option. The Gold package we can really get creative!  We will chop, cut stagger tracks with amazing fx and trap beats to make this a routine no one will forget.

The Silver package is considered our universal package. Great for both competitive and non competitive routines.  Look at our advanced package, It will really set you and your team apart from the competition.

The Bronze package is suitable for  private dance studios and school teams looking for a seamless mix of tracks for a dance show or for competitions but highly recommend the intermediate or advanced packages.

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