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Show DVD's

There are many great things to come out of making a video of your show. You and your performers get to see the things that worked and didnt work, You get the opportunity to catalouge your shows and make money to put back into the production of your next show. 
At Splash Productions we can supply up to 3 camera set

up giving you a professional documentry look to your

show with nice sweeps from scene to scene that once

again puts you ahead the market.

We will also do Cover Design for your DVD boxes to give

that professional finish to your product. Ask about our 100

to 500 Package Deals.

This video to the left shows a trailer to get your audeince

members excited about the DVD coming out. This can be

made for Facebook to get excitement growing amongst

members etc before they buy the finished DVD.


PACKAGES START FROM ONLY: £599.00 for 50 copies.

Selling Your DVD'S For the standard £10 per DVD means you

can make £1000 back on the selling of your DVD's meaning a 

profit of £401.00 :) not a bad earning for nothing really (we do all the work ....

Call Us today about filming your next event. 01505 323888 or simply click the enquiry form above.


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