Our objective is to give youngsters a look into the most sought after industry in the world. THE MUSIC BUSINESS. Our day out at the studios will allow the kids to try different roles in the business, from Singing, Playing an instrument, to producing the music, creating the visual artwork for the cd cover and then mixing the final track. We at splash have a team of creative specialists that will inspire your pupils, and in turn create teams that will work together and will build in confidence by the end of the day. At the end of their day they will all receive a copy of the finished track they have worked on and a class poster all designed in the pop star theme. The main ingredient they will take away from this great experience is the chance to put all differences aside and work

together as a unit which we know is the most important thing to learn as they grow.



We know on a day to day basis at school kids can fall out, argue, even sometimes bully; but we believe that with a common goal to be found on our day out, we can help groups to work together well and find a mutual respect. Our Goal is to create a great day out with loads of fun whilst they learn about the recording industry and possibly find a few hidden gems along the way. Its a great insight to what could be a very promising career, or at least a great hobby with positive social and skills-based benefits.


We will create a label name for the group, who will then select the artistes to perform on the CD. The different roles will be given out and teams will be created with mentors there to help them with their chosen roles, then its ALL SYSTEMS GO. The teams will have to work together to create the best job to fit the full jigsaw that is the finished product meaning that every group are actually working together as opposed to in competition, with the same goal; to create a CD with a stunning cd cover that looks fab and its a product that will be a memory for the rest of their lives.

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