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Create Your Very Own Personal First Waltz

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A Song created Just for You :)

We Surprise You and You surprise your guests With the best start to your wedding night

We have a team of amazing writers and producers that are creating songs everyday for a wide range of customers from Birthdays to Weddings to Films and T.V Shows.

Whatever your needs are we will create the most beautiful track designed especially for you. We will get all the key points of your journey and create a stunning song weather it be slow, fast, country and will will make it as close to your favourite artiste as possible. This is an amazing service that gives you something different from other weddings you've been to.

Because we are all set up in our studio and creating songs everyday we can give you the best deals.

For only £399 we will fully produce and write a song specially worded for your journey.

This is a once in a lifetime offer and should be snapped up now.

You'll pay the £70 deposit and then you will be taken to the form that you'll fill out that gives us all the details we need in order to create an amazing song for you and your journey.

Black Diamond


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We'll create your story and turn it into an amazing song that you can play to your first dance while you stun all your guests with the most beautiful start to your wedding night.

Once You've Paid Your £70 Deposit you'll be taken to you info form to tell us your story


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We'll Create the perfect gift song from all the points you give us and create any type of song your require from fast / funny / sentimental

Once You've Paid Your £70 Deposit you'll be taken to you info form to tell us your story


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We'll create a stunning song for your beloved ones to play at their funeral. Again we will take their story and create an amazing song that will capture all the moments to create an everlasting memory.

Once You've Paid Your £70 Deposit you'll be taken to you info form to tell us your story


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We'll create the ideal song tailored to your requirements for any occasion in any style you require.

Once You've Paid Your £70 Deposit you'll be taken to you info form to tell us your story


Guitarist Writing Song

Stacey Beck
(Wedding First Waltz Song)

This was the most exciting product I've ever bought from start to finish. As i reflected back through the years with my hubby to be i loved giving the key points and remembering why i was marrying Rob. I remember being so excited as they began a 3 day countdown to delivering my song. Such an amazing email presentation and then hearing the song. Oh even now thinking back I've got goosebumps. It was truly magnificent the beautiful music and the voice that sang it . This service from these guys is one you have to get it Blew us away and made our Wedding Night even more special. 

At the Studio

Shane Lawson
(Funeral Song)

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing. 

This was a big discussion our family had for my Grandad who love so many amazing artistes as he was a music man. He played Saxophone  in the big bands and always had a love for Jazz and swing music. When we messaged the guys with all the info on the form we seriously had no idea how amazing this would be. They captured everything about my Grandad to the point when the family listens to the song we can see him dancing in the living room.

Thank you so much for giving us more than what we wanted. This service is a must for all types of occasions.


Shona Drysdale
(Birthday Song)

My Sister told me about this idea which i don't mind admitting thought was just someone sitting playing a guitar and singing happy birthday into a mic. Well boy was I wrong and much to my sisters happiness.

I ordered a country vibe as my wife is from Nashville and has a huge passion for country music. After filling in her name and all the things she loved and all the the things I Loved about her, never did I expect to get the track I did . This could have been produced in nashville and was written so well. I remember playing the track though our sound system for her in the morning and watching her face light up. What a gift guys you have defo got this right. Keep up the amazing work you are creating memories that will live forever and so well presented.

Guitarist Writing Song


Carriagehill Drive Paisley Scotland UK

T: 01418894775


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